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Originally Posted by dan512 View Post
Its not directly connected, if you look you see a line on the phaser lance, its easily explained how there can be connection power modules that detach so the saucer can still seperate. It was never STATED that it could not, even the diamond select models of the galaxy x that i own can seperate and shows where it does on the model. So unless its been stated in tv, its not un-cannon for it to be able to seperate. I get tired of people saying it cant because of the lance, it could probally hold one charge of the lance after seperating its connections.
You're right that they never said on TV that they can't perform a saucer separation, so it could be possible. Having looked at screencaps of 'All Good Things...' from TrekCore, I have to say I still remain dubious. The phaser lance module just looks like it is too far merged with the neck to really be easily dislodged.

Then again, I have to assume that refitting the Galaxy-class to hold the phaser lance would not have been too invasive for the ship's superstructure, otherwise what would be the point - it would be better to design a new ship class built around the phaser lance rather than plug the lance onto a pre-existing class. So, eh - I really don't have any horse in this race to be honest.