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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
That's a false sense of security and I wish people'd stop advocating it so enthusiastically. Sure, it can't hurt, but it's not like there's hackers actually trying every possible combination of account name and password, starting with 'a' and working toward 'zzzzzzzzzzzz'. Considering STO locks you out for a second or two after each incorrect input, that'd take ages. After one day, they'd be at 'bkwn'. (And that's still trying to log into account 'a')

It's either spyware on your computer, or a big pile of printouts reading "Property of Cryptic Studios" at the top.

How long or complicated your password is hardly ever matters.
So so right. This xkcd comic encapsulates why:

Picking a mnemonic phrase from random words is better; harder to crack, easier to remember.

EDIT And the worst part is, as the comic says we've spent decades training people to think the most secure passwords are the kind that are difficult for you to remember, but turns out easy for computers to guess. There are some sites that will reject a password that doesn't contain a number or a capitalised letter or even both.

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