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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
It's meant to be a long-term kind] of thing that hooks people into coming back, not a "gotta grind it now" thing.
Thus far I've had a number of fleet members leave because of changes, I myself have had the worst weekend in the game since I started (admittedly I've only been here since season 6). For player like me who is usually quite casual, this is a killer. Weekends are when I have free time to play. I now come on line on the weekends queue up stuff, play 1 STF or two (And btw they way the STF community has died a death) and then really apart from a few other PVE bits and bobs thats really it, it all feels like a choir to be honest.

The STF community and the team play was the fun part of the game for me the thing that counteracted the grind, which I have never really liked all that much. Now that's gone and uncertain to ever return, especially for the ground aspect.

From what I read and see in-game instead of hooking people into coming back it's turned them off. We log in do our choirs to progress then chat on one of the chans for a bit then leave. Perhaps it's different in larger fleets, but for smaller fleets it's a death-knell and it won't be long before players will move on and join larger fleets.

Overall I think for a lot of us it's had the opposite effect of what was supposedly intended.

I understand PW wants PWE and Cryptic to turn ever increasing profits and that is only an normal and fair expectation of growing a business. But there is a fine line between increasing profits and retaining value for customers and increasing profits and destroying the precieved value of the item for customers.

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