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Picard...would not...approve...
Picard violated the neutral zone several times to do pre-emptive strikes. He violated it in 'Contagion' (the same episode we learn of the Iconians) and he did so a second time in 'The Defector' when he was given intel by a romulan admiral that his people have set up a forward base from which to launch an all-out attack on the Federation. He also turned his ship around and raced to confront a Warbird upon suspicion that they had kidnapped a Federation Ambassador in 'Data's Day'. I can't remember if they ever crossed the neutral zone but if they had it wouldn't have stopped him.

Picard has also done covert missions, one to Romulus itself to ascertain Ambassador Spock's motives for appearing to defect, and another to cardassian space upon intel (turned out to be misinformation) that they were developing biogenic weapons with a subspace delivery system. Picard has also been involved in a pre-emptive strike on the Maquis in an episode, funnily enough, titled 'Pre-emptive Strike'.

Finally, the number of times Picard has violated the prime directive outnumber the times he's invoked non-interference as a reason not to act. At best, you can say Picard is inconsistent with when he decides to uphold Starfleet's number one rule. Sometimes he thinks non-interference is the correct choice (like in 'Redemption part 1' where it makes sense, or the execreable 'Homeward' where it does not), and other times he'll ignore local custom for his own ends ('Justice' because of the Edo's absurd punishment for minor transgressions - yes even if it would mean Wesley's death - or 'Pen Pals', a similar enough story to the one in 'Homeward', or the fantastic 'Who Watches the Watchers', where Picard intervenes to correct an accidental contamination of a pre-warp society who mistook him for being a god).