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Originally Posted by maarkean View Post
Bumping the reward the for the daily starbase mission would be one way. The 5 you get from it make sit not worth the effort to do. Bumping it to 50 would accomplish two things: easier access to Fleet Marks to relieve the strain and get more people to go to their starbases.

Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
I think the going rate is a couple orders of magnitude more than that
Yup. No way I'd give up 1000 FM for 100,000 EC. My time is much more valuable than that. With an hour of play, I can maybe get a hundred or two FM with the bonus event running. Compare that with Tour the Galaxy where you can make a million EC in that hour. Given that comparison, I think a more accurate conversion is 150 FM = 1 million EC.
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