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11-19-2012, 05:12 PM
I enjoy the Gal-X on occasion. Pop in a few RCS and the Subspace jump module and you get manuever okay and get into position with the spinal lance when you need it.

However, the spinal lance is just to weak. For a 3min cool down it does crap damage. I can out do it with Beam Overload 3 on an escort every 30sec. The timer needs to either be dropped or the damage boosted significantly.

Ideally it should just be made a regular weapon that's only equippable on the Gal-X, like the Aux cannons on the Vesta. Give it the 45 arc and dmg of the quad cannons. In the episode you saw it fire several times. While we're dreaming, go ahead and tweak the animation so that the beam is no wider than the cannon graphic on the ship model.

Then you can make a Fleet version that just doesn't have the weapon or the cloak. Allow it to have a saucer separation mode and just fire the weapon out of the part left on the drive section.
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