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11-19-2012, 05:35 PM
Turning Zen into DL in the current market makes no sense, because Zen prices are extremely deflated. You should be doing the opposite - turning DL into Zen. Now is the best time to do so; I just got my assault Sovereign today after a few hours of grinding.

The best way to make EC with doffs is to farm crits on colonial support and mill the purples into blues.

The premise of your post is that you're buying Zen with $$$ to turn into EC. I did that quite a bit when starting out, but once you've gotten established, it's silly and illogical to do so (and very, very expensive - to do what you describe as an established practice would cost more than buying a host of brand-new games and defeat the purpose of playing the game.

Yet you are buying Zen to turn into EC as an established practice, hence your formula, "We seem to be getting close to the point...rather than..." implying you're in the long-term habit of dumping large amounts of $$$ into this game as the source of your EC supply.

I struggle to understand why any legitimate player would write a long, in-depth theorycraft on such a premise. It would be more logical to explore ways of making EC within the game itself. It's hard to escape the conclusion you're simply trying to create a rationalization for players to spend $$$ on Zen.

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