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Originally Posted by diplom4t View Post
From playing 6-10hours a daily on sto, after season 7, i just dont find myself wanting to log on as much, yes ill still play sto, make enough rom/omega marks for the week, sell some stuff on market, and yep, log off.. its not that i dont like s7, but from a person who grinded stfs like mad and did some pvp on the side, i found s7 took away from things i enjoyed.

So now with the rep system and the 40 hour or so wait time till i can really do anything important, because like most hardcore members, news of s7 coming, i shocked up on dilth/ec before it came out..

now with alllll this free time i went looking for a new game to keep be busy till my wait times are over on sto... and came across a forum post on my fleet site, about how some of our fleet members are spending their extra time away from sto, playing a classic 10 yr old game..

so ya, if ya didn't hear battlefield 1942 went free2play... come join us, on moonbay servers

classic maps, classic weapons
I earn more Reputation marks currently I am at T2 Romulan and Omega and I have over 500 marks each. Have to be able to afford those special porjects.

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