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ok so I come home sit down and play STO... usually for a couple hours then all of a sudden I start getting "server not responding" and this keeps up for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours... at least until last night when it happened EVERYTIME I logged in... eventually I broke down uninstalled the game wiped every vestige of it from my hard drive... then defragged the drive and reinstalled it.... just in time to log in play for about an hour and a half and it started up again... logging out and rebooting did not fix my problem, Power cycling the modem and router did nothing to fix the problem either, contacting my ISP and there are no problems on thier end... I would really like to know why this is happening.... it has only started happening since season 7 and my purchase of the Vesta....

this is annoying to say the least.... anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?
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