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11-19-2012, 06:13 PM
Hi Cryptic I?m not sure if this is the right forum to post this but I figured is a start and if there is a better place to put questions and recommendations please let me know.

Ok so here is my concerns on this game, when the game first came out everyone on the team was said to be a big star trek fan, and that they were all about star trek and making a good star trek based game, and also that this was not to be only a game but the continuation of the series in effect another star trek series.
Well cryptic I?m here to say I can?t believe any of that is true at this point and if people don't agree with me please let me know as I want to see if I am the only one that feels this way, but since launch I have seen the game get better, and better and in some ways I believed going in the right direction, and in some cases I even looked away when I saw things that would be considered not trek. Such as Galor style ships for Federation and Klingon Characters, and having the Jem Hedar ship as an item to be won, but at this point I am now beyond upset with the STO world.
How can you call yourself star trek fans when you do all the things that in star trek would never happen, where in star trek has a future star ship been found and then kept, I don't care if it comes from the mirrored universe it never happened because the future has sensors to Scan the time line direct Quote from the series ?Enterprise? and the would have sent someone to fix the time line and get rid of the ship so don?t tell me this make sense by just saying that it?s from the mirror universe and future technology was stripped out please come one guys your better than this or so I thought.

Also there is too much instability from a star trek point of view and this is no longer a star trek game in its sole it has the skin but no soul, anymore . to allow something that would never happen in the star trek universe to happen in the game is to say you don't care and all you want is to make money and forget all the Loyal fans that came into this game to support trek and hopefully see more of the episode missions and a glimpse of the star trek they grew up with that's why I started to play I want star trek to survive and grow that's why I?m a lifer and that's why I still pay for some of the items on the C store because there ships that I like and still cannon to a point.. But mainly because it?s my small way to help star trek and maybe at some point bring the series back so I can watch it with my daughter someday.

If you guys read this and just brush it off its fine but please do not say your all star trek fans if you don't stay true to Gene Roddenberry?s vision of the future and rules of trek lore, and to show that I am a fan and that I do know what I?m talking about and why I?m upset I will show you another example excepts for the mission in DS9 to destroy the Katresel White facility using a Jem Hedar ship there was never a jem Hedar ship captained by a federation captain if you?re a federation captain you fly a federation star ship if you wanted to bring in the bug ship you should not have been lazy and should have instead created a new faction the Dominion and then added the bug ship which most fans want anyway, instead you created a star trek game with no star trek soul, no more Cannon and No more featured missions and or Series or Story and I am sadden by this. I do believe that the team has the talent to make this game awesome and if you just follow the spirit of trek I know this game will explode because you have shown that you can do it but for some reason things have been done that are just not right and I hope you see that and somehow correct it. I could say more but I?m not sure if it does any good but just wanted to say my peace. Thank you for listening.