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11-19-2012, 06:39 PM
I truly don't see a problem with this. I grant DI almost everywhere I go. I pop out of a system I am granting it to someone especially if they are actually online and moving their ship.

As far as the Tour, I have never asked for DI or RP. I usually just show up at Wolf 359 and get both with no problem. I also hang around and give it and continue giving it throughout the tour. I always THANK those that do give it, because in essence they don't have to.

I think I have ran 1 tour without DI or RP because i showed up late and it was an off hour. Plus like i said I usually don't ask. I imagine if I did someone would have granted it to me. Most players out there are willing to help.

I did mention an idea in another thread about maybe a 5th tier "Career Ambassador" that allows you to keep the DI on yourself and grant it to others.

I guess as another option they could put a set amount of players you have to grant it to before you can give it to yourself. I assume that would make more people grant it to others, but I just don't see that being a problem in the game yet. If you have problems getting DI you are doing something terribly wrong.