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Originally Posted by purvee1 View Post
If I ever get one I was thinking of going proc-tastic! (Yeah I know a stupid build)

Polarised Disruptor DHC's from that featured episode (you'll need to run it several times of course) up front then lots of Cannon Rapid or Scatters.

Throw in a full Jem Hadar set and you'll get the Three Proc chances (Which is curently under disscussion ).

In any case I'd still suggest you'd switch toPolaron disruptors. The Polaron Proc is a bit weak unless you're running a science Power drain build, and the Bug ship dosen't have enough Science slots.
Phased Polaron (contrary to their name, they are tetryon/Polaron hybrids) are from the featured episode. Polarized disrupters are reward pack items that drop from Lockboxes.

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