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Originally Posted by mikearoo View Post
An idea that was brought up on the forums just a little while ago, was adding a dilithium buff to LT's and Subs. For example, if you sub and run an elite stf. f2p'ers get the 960 Dilithium, subs get 1104 because their sub gives them a 15% bonus on what they earn. Perhaps this percentage could even be different depending on LT/Sub status. This gives another incentive to sub/lt, it also frees up your time a little to do other things, (lets get those fleet marks for your base eh?).

Just an idea I saw that I believe should be considered.
That a good idea too but i think more things like gold member and lifer have to pay less than free member, but really less.

I mean i understand we have to pay for cosmetics things and lockbox why not, BUT i tired to be at the same place than free member for ships and stuff.

Maybe that look ask too much but seriously look in all other free game what they propose when you pay a subscription : you have everything in the game. And they work well look age of conan, lotro, and for many people eve online ( i know only this games sorry if i forgot some)

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