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# 1 Azure Nebula Rescue Tactics
11-19-2012, 08:49 PM
Given how the number of Marks rewarded for this mission is based on how intelligently the mission is run, it seems that pooling tactics to figure out what works best would give us some standards (instead of the haphazardness of the average pug) for higher scores and ultimately fewer farming runs. It worked for STF tactics after all.

The four main approaches I've run into:

Tactic 1
Everyone splits up to go be heroic at a seperate point while someone AFKs at the spawn point. Sadly this seems the most common setup. Low scores and exploding PCs. Ugh.

Tactic 2
Everyone bunches into one group, going point to point one at a time. Positives: this has the advantage of absolutely flattening the defenders and takes only 10 seconds to take out all four tractor beams. Negatives: excess firepower is wasted especially on the low-value defenders, lots of travel time, and only rescuing one ship at a time.

Tactic 3
Breaking into two groups, trying to distribute evenly when mixing escorts, cruisers, and sci ships. One group handles the north and west spawn points, the other south and east, so as to minimize travel distances and thus time wasted. Roll into one spawn, kill defenders, free ship, then run to the second and repeat. By the time the group is finished with point 2 and looking for their next target, point 1 should be just respawning. My personal high-score using this one is 31 points (not bragging, just using as a metric), so its my preferred tactic if possible.

Tactic 4
I've seen a few people suggest a setup similar to #3, but instead of killing the defenders, one ship aggos and tanks while the other takes out the tractor beams. If you're well-coordinated and driving a properly-equipped ship then I can certainly see this working well, but if you're not built for the role then this can end badly. Tanking in a BoP isn't much fun after all. Premade maybe, or for a group formed and planned in a chat channel, but when pugging probably easier to just kill everything.

I'm just kinda throwing ideas out here. Other people have better ones, I'd love to hear it. Pugs randomness is irritating and I'd love for the community to develop a standard or two.