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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Define 'cheap' tactics. For example, there are Feddies who would probably make the argument that decloak-alphastriking (a tactic that myself and other BoP and Raptor pilots make an art of) is a 'cheap' or 'dirty' trick. . .when it really is all about timing skill and knowing when to attack. Others like to 'mention' that they got focused on by 3-5 attackers (these claimants are usually zombie cruisers, in my experience) insinuating it was 'unfair' or 'cowardly'.

So please. . .clarify.
Ill take some past cheap tactics like VM+SNB, FBP+RSP and chain PSW someone to death.
These days all it takes is one escort with a sci captain, sub nuke the poor player, and sci team is likely spent. Then grav pulse and pew him down as he is helpless to do anything. Cheap and skilless.

As for the decloaking alpha strikes one can ask if its balanced for one player to destroy a ship in such an "easy" fashion. Its as mindless and unfun as tric mining someone to death or using the sub nuke doff for an easy and cheap win.

But i guess the cloak is the klinks prerogative, but mostly a gimmicky thing. Sure its useful as heck in kerrat and cap`n holds, where alot is going on and the victim cant always be aware that a sneaky bop or raptor is ready to alpha the poor ship down. But then again these players would seldom or NEVER set foot in arena pvp, cause cloak is useless and hence the alpha strike neutralized. But then said klinks will only resort to another cheap tactic called an energy drain team build. Oh what lengths, espeically those payed for, people are wiling to go to for the sake of winning

Clarified enough?
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