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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
My point of T4 in Diplomacy/Marauding is access to Leonis/Sirius sectors when you are usually not allowed to enter, that gives access to the Clusters there and that means Defari Doctor(s) for the KDF and at least 4 Blue DOFFs for Feds.

Now you can whine about not being able to use the power on yourself but if you do Cryptic will either do 2 things.

REMOVE the Coil bonus since the duration is more that enough for anyone to get there or allow you to use it on yourself ... and nerf the crap out of it, like a 10 minute duration with a 20 hours cooldown.
.....Are you kidding me? Why the heck would they do this? What would be the point in nerfing it or removing the coil bonus? Why is it so bad to be able to use it on yourself while still being able to use it on someone else? Nerfing it just because you can get the speed buff on yourself makes no sense simply because people can still get it on themselves when someone else uses the buff on them, what I am purposing here is being able to buff yourself so you dont have to potentially wait on someone else which can sometimes be a wait and its unfair of Cryptic/PWE to ask that of us.

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If you have problems getting DI you are doing something terribly wrong.
"If you have problems getting DI you are doing something terribly wrong". Are you that thick? How is it the fault of anyone when its taking them awhile to get buffed with the Diplomatic Immunity or Raiding Party buff? Ill answer that, its not their fault, its because people are either not paying attention to the zone chat or they just dont care. So dont go telling me or other people they are doing something wrong when they are not getting buffed....