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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Because it's anti-intuitive not giving you any kind of diplomatic status as you'd expect and some even do the grind expecting

And this here kid feels ripped off over it, rightfully
Thank you :3

Originally Posted by oldschooldork View Post
yeah i have to say i agree you should be able to grant the di to yourself. i am one of those completely unsociable solo players and it does suck to have to rely on others to grant you di. actually i don't even worry about it any more, i'm fine doing the tour without it. yeah i might end up with a little less ec, but hey, it's just a game.
Thank you :3

Originally Posted by crusty8mac View Post
Not much of a Diplomat if all you care about is yourself. I give DI to random strangers as I go past them. I sometimes get it in return from random strangers also. The buff isn't that big of a deal.
.....I find it funny that you think this is an act of selfishness. I have even clearly stated that the buff would still be used on other people, what people you might ask, I'll lay down the examples for you

1) Low level players who'd like a speed boost.

2) Upper level players who are not rank 3+ in Diplomacy yet.

There are ALWAYS going to be people wanting the speed boost, so while being able to speed yourself up, you can still also grant it to other people to help make their lives a bit easier. This is not an act of selfishness at all, this is an act to help everyone, both those who have reached rank 3 of Diplomacy and those who have yet to. So if you would dare call this a selfish act, then you do not know what selfish really is.