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11-19-2012, 09:34 PM
I feel like there's way too much complaining about 99% of things in this game (I'm perfectly find with PW running, you know, a business) but I do agree with those who find this new rep system to be off-puttingly long and the project unlocks to be pretty poorly balanced on top of that (why would I be willing to take days out of the long slog of the repeatable rep projects to unlock Mark X gear (or ridiculously priced consumables?) as opposed to just waiting until I finally reach the higher tiers? It doesn't make sense to add new content with no incentive to actually use it.

One thing I'm wondering though - do we definitely know (from Tribble players, I guess) that it will really take 50-whatever days to complete the reputation tiers? It does seem within the realm of possibility that there could be different reputation projects in T2 and beyond besides the two repeatables we've seen at T0 and T1. Just a thought.