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11-19-2012, 08:39 PM
On the game launcher after you log in, but before you click "Engage", click Options at the top and check the box that says "Force Verify" and click OK. Wait for it to 'patch' then launch the game. What that does is forces the client to check all game files and fix any that might be broken. I had the same problem with rubberbanding, crashing, and disconnects after every patch and doing the "Force Verify" seemed to have fixed it for me. I now force verify after the patch is complete and before I launch the game every time now. So far I haven't had any lag at all since season 7 launched.

Just that even with the video options set to max, the same they were set to before season 7, the entire game looks like crap as if all texture details in advanced video options are turned all the way down when they are actually all the way up. But it's manageable I suppose.
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