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Originally Posted by neohunter200 View Post
The other way to earn dilithium is complete the daily missions in Defera space and answer the Midterm thingy correctly.

If you want a little more, just do STFs.

After that, call it a day.

Repeat the proccess the next day.

Not a great solution but I think its the only one Cryptic has open to us. Without having to spend on ZEN by the way.
Unfortunately, doing those things for Dilithium got old and boring a long, long time ago. I'm still really pissed off that Fleet Actions were nerfed so badly. It was the only thing I could do a few times a day and not feel like gouging my eyes out by the end of it.

The only consistent way to get worthwhile amounts of Dilithium is to spam Empire Defense missions on a KDF character, and those have been around forever, so they're even more monotonous and boring.

What exactly is supposed to be fun at end game right now?
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