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Originally posted by nikdanger
This is a world with scantily clad Orion slave girls, miniskirted Federation uniforms, sexual pheromone excreting Deltans, nekkid Ferengi females and nekkid Betazoid's running around. Not to mention DS9's Dabo girls (I forgot about them in my last post), and 7 of 9 with her high heeled, exceptionally skin tight catsuit...and in the last movie, didn't Kirk do the voyeuristic Peeping Tom bit with Uhura as she got dressed?
The thing with Orion is that the so called slave girls are actually incharge. If you look into the lore, Orion women are in charge and chose to be purchased by the rich and powerful throughout the quadrant to influence their decisions.

Betazoid are just norms for them. They get married in the nude as a tradition. There is no internal sexualization with in their culture. It is just everyday life for them.

Looking at the universe as a piece of fiction, it was written in the 70s. The network demanded the short skirt even though Roddenberry hated the idea. For Voyager, they had to bring in 7 of 9 to keep the show going, just for rating sake. If it wasn't for the rating Tess would've been still in the show.
But we are in a different era. We should grow beyond the superficiality of looks and focus on the contents.