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11-19-2012, 10:16 PM
Im a Sci captain so I got the 3 pack, and then started tinkering

I use the science Vesta to great effect I use sci boffs for the LCMDR and CMDR slots, eng boffs for Lt. and ENS, and a Tac Lt.

and it works nicely,
all are fleet advanced weapons.. 2x Phaser Dual Beam Banks and Quantum Torp forward
and 2x Phaser Beam Arrays Aft with a tricobalt Mine Despenser...

I also make use of the FULL 3 piece MACO, and the Universal Consoles for Graviton Pulse Generator and the Universal off of the tactical Vesta for the phaser lance

I hardly ever launch my runabouts......

works pretty well

works great as a support Crowd Control ship in PVP

Gravwell + Energy Leech works pretty well with Subsystem Targeting, drop a tricobalt mine off on thier nose and BOOM

if you wanna wait and see if you dont need the mine you drop to 1/4 impulse hit them with a tractor beam pop an Aux battery and fire the Phaser lance if he's still there after that drop the Tricobalt mine and then pop evasive to get out quickly..... still boom...
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