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11-19-2012, 11:01 PM
The Vesta 3-pack contains 3 ships with unique console setups, 3 special abilities, and 2 useful set abilities, and 3 distinct, unique skins, which makes it a better raw value proposition than the Odyssey 3-pack (which has no unique skins and a dumpy set ability for equipping the 3 consoles.

But I digress. If you had only one to pick, the money seems to be on the Tactical version, since Tacs are in the best position to take advantage of the Aux cannons and tac slots for having good DPS, while the bridge setup allows for a good number of exotic science powers.

That said, I prefer the looks of the Engineering Vesta (RAdemaker) but ultimately prefer the Science Vesta (Vesta class), because the Fermion console (AOE Shield/Hull heal) is a dang lifesaver in pickup fleet actions, especially combined with the Steamrunner console for even more shield resilience. Unless you've got decent spec in Particle Generators, you simply won't get as much out of the Quantum Phaser from the Tac vesta. Also the Eng Vesta's multidimensional console is a bit too situational for my taste, and has the unfortunate tendency to push enemies out of my Gravity Wells or into the Khitomer portal.

Lastly, since the Vesta is good at a lot of things but can't quite match the raw damage or support abilities of a specialized ship like an Escort, a Bug, Cruiser or Carrier, it may be in your best interest to pick the ship which guarantees a different sort of play style. Since I fly escorts most of the time, a Vesta allowed me to play at science while not completely abandoning my escort tactics. That'll probably change if I ever cough up money for an Atrox or Recluse though