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Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
Im a Sci captain so I got the 3 pack, and then started tinkering

I use the science Vesta to great effect I use sci boffs for the LCMDR and CMDR slots, eng boffs for Lt. and ENS, and a Tac Lt.

and it works nicely,
all are fleet advanced weapons.. 2x Phaser Dual Beam Banks and Quantum Torp forward
and 2x Phaser Beam Arrays Aft with a tricobalt Mine Despenser...

I also make use of the FULL 3 piece MACO, and the Universal Consoles for Graviton Pulse Generator and the Universal off of the tactical Vesta for the phaser lance
That's almost exactly the same as my current setup, but I'm not too good with using Sci abilities yet so my LtCdr Universal has a Tac so I can use more beam abilities, and I also replaced Phaser Lance with Fermion field.

What kinds of Sci abilities would you recommend? My current Boff setup is:

CDR Science: Transfer Shield I, Haz Emitters 2, Viral Matrix I, Gravity Well II
Lt Cdr Universal (Tac): Tac Team I, Fire at Will II, Attack Pattern Beta II
Lt Tac: Tac Team I, Beam Overload II
Ensign Universal (Eng): Emergency Power shields I
Lt. Eng: Emer. Power Shields I, Reverse Polarity I