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11-19-2012, 11:42 PM
lets face it theres a lot of good games out right now such as GW2, Planetside2, BF3, MOHW and others that you do quesiton why waste your time on this game anymore ?

Ive seen all season launches (having been around since day 1) and season 7 is the most lackluster season launch yet. Thats not to take away from the good work thats been done, but its overshadowed by the greed and corruption of PWE/Cryptic and you quesiton how long this game can keep going. The only reason I will keep coming back to this game is in game friends as for without them Id have no hesitation moving on. Lets face it if ths game didnt have the star trek IP would you still continue to throw money at it ? ... didnt think so.

Its been a good ride and a great journey but unless DStahl swallows his pride and his arrogance then no changes are gonna be made because no matter how much constructive criticism there is, it never gets listened to or implemented.