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11-19-2012, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
there is no such think as p2w in STO. I own a battlebug, the sao paolo with quad cannons, the defiant refit, the fleet version of this baby and much more and i bought all those without paying a single dollar. i did for other stuff but if you want, you can get everything for free by grinding dilithium and that is hard work. where is your p2w now? do i have to care if others dont wanna grind? i dont think so.
If somebody had not bought the Zen or Cryptic Points for you to exchange the Dil you ground - you could not have done what you did... just because you did not pay a single dollar for it does not mean somebody else did not.

Actually, when you take a look at the conversion rates, etc - take into consideration the amount of time you spent grinding that Dil and what that worked out to be as an hourly rate...

...yeah, I'm not sure I'd go around bragging about that.

Just saying.