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no matter how many healers you got on a team, if you are oneshot killed
Problem being, I've been OSK'ed before-and guess what? it wasn't some 'invisible mystery death weapon", it was "I got out of position, overran my support, drew all the aggro and got cut off."

I run the squishiest of the squish ships-Bird of Prey-exclusively on my tac-no cruisers, no Raptors, just BoPs, I run ships that, by all rights of reason, should be the first, last, and at times ONLY casualties in an STF run.

I"ve been the first casualty, and the last, and the only...but there are times when I've been the only ship NOT taken down by the cubes/gates/etc too.

It goes to team quality and team tactics, build arrangement, Boff layout and Doffs on duty. Mind that since I STARTED running STFs, I've always kept full stores of repair parts to avoid the dreaded "you need to see the shipyard now" at the ending-because running a Bird of Prey MEANS you're the squishiest ship in the run, likely (because I swear the AI hates KDF more) the focus of Borg anger and Borg wrath (and borg weapons), but you adapt or you give up. I don't give up easily, I adapt. A "good run" typically will see me in the respawn zone at LEAST two or three times, and has been that way since Season 5.

Learn to minimize those visits-run lots of shield buffs, hazard emitters, and Duty Officers that enhance either your toughness, or your ability to evade, run APO in multiple copies, sure you give up SOME DPS, but it's useful against OP NPC's (not so useful in PvP, mind...)

Tac team in multi copies too-not just for the redistribution of shields, but because II and III give you a slight weapons buff, and it's your best defense against "assimilation" procs.

EPS and TSS in multiple copies, and you KEEP MOVING.