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11-20-2012, 12:03 AM
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I can not believe this crap 2 or 3 people are sitting at deep space 9 reporting players as spamers for chatting. Only they can talk. I said 3 sentences and the bastards flagged me as spammer. IM sure devs are going to get a flood of tickets. I know i cant even communicate with my guild or anyone else. Im like this i respect people enough to understand that its chat. If i dont like what they are saying, i get my ship and go somewhere esle i dont sit at a station and complain about it. Devs need to increase the amount of complaints before messages are flagged or start researching tickects of people who report others as spammers and remove them from the game. this ridicous! The world does not revolve around them. if they want quiet get off the game and go to bed. People need to flag them in tickets to the Devs if they get enough of them im sure they will do something.
Wall of text.

So... report them back?