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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
I'll start with the missile launcher.
Methinks their 'fix" for the missile launcher was to add an alternative: the Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo that comes with the Regent (Assault Cruiser Refit). Same arc, higher damage (not as high as a regular QT but more than the missile launcher), and as-normal performance under torpedo abilities, including cooldown.

Assuming you buy the stuff with Lobi obtained from lockboxes, you'd probably have spent close to the amount of Zen needed to get a rapid-fire launcher as to buying a Regent, and with the latter you get a free ship in the mix.

Not exactly ideal, but it's an option. AND if you get the WAQT you can equip it WITH the rapid-fire launcher. On a beam array boat you can effectively broadside both projectiles and beams for fun fun fun