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Ok so I have made my views on this clear elsewhere.

I think its a good idea, just too unbalanced.

But now.. to find what I hope is a glitch or a bug or whatever striking the system that I am curious as to if anyone else has encountered.

With all the pages and pages of talk about the rewards, prices time needed etc. Its hard to find anything on this matter.

In basics.. FINALLY get home today from work, happy that my 1 char that I actually can afford to devote time to building up in this area will FINALLY be at Tier 1... and so I can see the rewards for myself and start grinding and waiting to hit Tier 2...

Instead.. I find nothing. No store options, No unlock options, No rewards available (passive or otherwise) and most importantly NO new projects to start or even the same ones to re-invest in and re-start the 40 hour timer. There is purely nothing at all. except the chance to earn 5 more rep points by dropping in three more nural processors.

So hey gotta be a bug right... so I check my other char, and looksie... there are the projects still listed fine... and the ability to stack em up ready, but hey where did the option to stack the little guy in slot three go.

Nope. Nothing.

So allright, new content will always have bugs and issues and problems. Who knows, perhaps (in my dream world) they have actually LISTENED to the cries from the masses and are fixing it up as we speak... RFLMAO@THAT THOUGHT!!!!!!!

Nope instead, I am left with the simple reality. I have just blown 80 hours for NOTHING... not to mention all the EC spent on purchasing the Commod's to fill the tasks, or the hours spent grinding STF's to earn the marks...

What about the months and months and months of STF grinding to accumulate some nice gear, to amass mucho EDC's and Proto Salvage's to stockpile to one day cash in for Dilith should I ever need it, or to outfit alternate ships or whatever.

Nope.. all just a complete and utter waste of time...

Cryptic + STO was not too bad.. yes probs and bugs.. but I could live with it..

PWE + STO -- well the place has gone to total $h!T since the day they got involved, and what was once a mere nuisance knowing they just didnt care, has now switched to the penultimate #$*$ U to the masses... aka we screwed u good and u total idiots STILL give us your money in droves....

I like the game.. But I wont pay a single cent in future... PERIOD! Hopefully most others will be the same and then PWE MIGHT wake up and smell the bull$h!t burning on their front door.