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11-20-2012, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
As Borticus said, there haven't been any intentional changes to make the Borg harder. I'll take another look at their torpedoes, though - those damage numbers do sound too high.
The biggest noticeable effect is from the torpedoes, which they now seem to use quite a bit more liberally... There was a line in the patch notes about changing the way firing arcs were computed? Also, exactly how many torpedo launchers do these ships have, because a gateway launched 2 torps at me three seconds apart.

But it's not JUST the torpedoes... Beam arrays are also hitting for 1500-2000 damage now, and the heavy cannons can go over 6000. I don't remember them being that high, personally. So a torpedo wipes out my shields instantly, and I take a few hull hits from their turbo-charged energy weapons before I can react with tac team or whatever I've got. And a delightful 1674 damage per second in plasma burn which is definitely new.

I wish I had kept some old combat logs for direct comparison. Without numbers on both sides this is all just subjective.