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I noticed a new odd behaviour of the Enemy Neutralization kit MK X in some recent ground stf runs post season 7.
And yes, there are still people trying to do them.
In a cure ground elite run, our group detected, that the chroniton mine barrier or transphasic bomb placed by one player, blows up every other mine barrer / or bomb placed by other players in the blasting area.
This is really bad for an engineer trying to protect one of the transformers, who usually drops a mine barrier and a bomb to fight off approaching waves of borg and really rely on the knock back effect of the bomb and the damage of the mine barrier.

With season 7 it changed, if both mine barrier and explosives are placed on the ground, an approaching borg triggers the mine barrier which also let the bomb explode/vanish without doing damage at all... *yay*

It gets way worse if another engi was kind enough and helped mining or planting an additional bomb bacause the first triggered mine barrier just wipes out all other defences.

I really would want to know if this behaviour is working as intended or if it is another bug from season 7, like the non working tachyon harmonics etc, because it really limits the use of the engineer class in ground stfs. There wasn't anything announced related to this in the various release notes, so I really hope this is only another bug.