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Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
I have 4 toons and with the old system I never had to wait 2 month and spend so much dilithium to have at leat one complete maco/omega set. Moreover think that you could have the borg set using just a few EDC.

I like the idea of a reputation system, I can accept you need 2 months to reach tier 5, but if the prices are the ones posted, items are too expensive:

1) 250.000 dilithium is the overral reward of about 260 elite stf... before season 7 I never had to run so much stf to get a complete set and even if someone had to run so many stf he also had acquired 250k dilithium.

2) 250k dilithium is also about 1760 zen points at the current rate...

so, all in all... with season 7 you need the same time (or more) you needed in the past and you pay the items much, much, much, much more.
And this is only for the engine, the deflector and the shield.... you also need at least 6 weapons.

Still sure this way is better than the previous one?


Face it, Season 6 was WAY MORE rewarding when it comes to gear and Dilithium and that, even if it was entirely RANDOM LOOT based.

Anyone please try to prove the contrary. I dare you. Anyone who was doing STFs were getting rewards on the spot for doing them, there were no delays and believe it or not, it was was also more compelling and exciting in the end.

The Reputation system is only and ONLY a way to reward you less for more work/time invested. Yes, the passive skills are not too shabby but it simply is not enough for all the trouble to go through. And it is not even fun!