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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
There is only two possible ways I could figure they could fix the Dilithium situation:

1) Open up the option that all activities (STFS, FAs, etc), all have the same rewards to promote players having a choice. So they could do STFS one day and decide to do a Fleet Action to keep things from getting stale in doing the same content repetitively.

2) Everything rewards in Dilithium. Lets say all missions (including DOFF) have a base of 50 per mission, with STFs having a lump some of 800 to 1000. So you don't have to do the same thing over and over, but can do anything and earn Dilithium.
I'd enjoy either or both of these.

#1 is how city of heroes was designed from day 1 and I enjoyed it greatly. You could do anything and get useful rewards because every drop was possible from every enemy.

The other interesting thing they did was each particular stf/flet equivalent gave a very big reward once per day and then half that for the next 20 hours to directly encourage you to play a variety of activities. Instead of locking you out (which STO does now for either an hour or 30 minutes depending), they gave you a big reward for voluntarily doing something different.

Another thing they could do, is tweak the replay mechanic for the top three story arcs (borg, breen and undine) so that if you re-complete all 5 missions in order you get a dilithium reward as a bonus. Get people to actually play the content from time to time. And those are already balanced for end-game difficulty.