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11-20-2012, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
The biggest noticeable effect is from the torpedoes, which they now seem to use quite a bit more liberally... There was a line in the patch notes about changing the way firing arcs were computed? Also, exactly how many torpedo launchers do these ships have, because a gateway launched 2 torps at me three seconds apart.

But it's not JUST the torpedoes... Beam arrays are also hitting for 1500-2000 damage now, and the heavy cannons can go over 6000. I don't remember them being that high, personally. So a torpedo wipes out my shields instantly, and I take a few hull hits from their turbo-charged energy weapons before I can react with tac team or whatever I've got. And a delightful 1674 damage per second in plasma burn which is definitely new.

I wish I had kept some old combat logs for direct comparison. Without numbers on both sides this is all just subjective.
hmm... it's flagged as critical. Borg are not supposed to score critical hits...

still, even without critical, I've seen close to 60k from an un-buffed torp...