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11-20-2012, 01:18 AM
no they wont step in^^ these posts are from completly different people! they only never posted here. i know it kinda looks that wayXD but after these accounts are some guys from my fleet and they play a real long time this game!

i really hope we get more support here.....over400guys viewed this and there is no reply from them.........whats wrong? u cant tell me u like it the way it is now! its totally unfair the way it is to people which have a family and stuff!

also i am kinda scared that because of other useless threads this will thread will dissapear onto bad i cant stick it!

if u think this is right then stop only watching!!! support US! or say that u wont but stop only viewing><

cmon guys!!!
also would be great to hear something from cryptic......only a little statement

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