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11-20-2012, 01:35 AM
See, it's people like you all that think all Vesta Captains will use the AUX Cannons and run 125 AUX, so Cryptic hyper-nerfed the hanger. Me? I don't have the Vesta yet, but I won't be using the Cannons. I have a solid, reliable Crowd Control build that I've run with a T4 RSV for almost a year. The Vesta had potential with that hangar for me, to improve my Crowd Control with Advanced Runabouts.

The hangar did not need a solid 1min (2min with shield drones) cooldown, they just need to adjust the minimum AUX level needed to reduce the cooldown, since it's a science vessel. They could just set the minimum level to 65-75 and it wouldn't matter all that much.

The Consoles? I wont be using all of them, as I said, my build is Crowd Control. If any, I'd probably use the Quantum Phaser just to give me a small bit of spike damage.

It's nay-sayers like you people that get ships like these nerfed so badly. Did you stop and think that Science has been NEEDING a ship like this for over 8 MONTHS.