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11-20-2012, 01:44 AM
I like all those ideas, but I admit, would still probably stay in Battle mode regardless though. Still, good changes, and would make it more useful to be in the defensive mode. Though instead of + to SIF, maybe make it hull repair instead? A couple thousand more points of hull won't help things too much, but boosting your HE or Aux to SIF sounds better IMO. I'd rather have better heals than a little more health.

As for the missiles, I like those changes most of all. If it's meant to swarm them, I figure that idea is perfect, to truly make it a swarm attack. As it stands now, torp spreading them can shoot an ass-load of missiles, but it still does very little damage (looks cool though). Multiplying that number by 3 would truly make it a weapon worth using a lot more often.