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11-20-2012, 01:49 AM
Umm. Not really a lot to it.

I do Explore Strange Worlds daily. I progress the daily entirely through Diplomatic Investigations (requires Rank 4 Diplomacy) which count towards exploring star clusters (I keep all Explore missions in my assignment log at all times). I do any Diplomatic Investigations whenever they are up, transwarping from star cluster to star cluster using my freighter, with my hearth set to DS9 with the "Through the Looking Glass" episode.

In this way, itinerary is diverse enough that a Support Colonization Efforts doff assignment is almost always up on at least one star cluster. Simple math, takes on average three star cluster explorations to complete the Explore Strange Worlds daily. Doing the daily can thus easily mill out a purple doff a day, which can be sold or broken down into rares.

My long-term goal is to complete all the Explore the Star Cluster title-granting accolades, with much greater time efficiency and yield-per-hour than simply grinding them out. I am about two-thirds done overall.

Incidentally, is there a reward for finishing all those accolades, besides the individual titles - like a special title for exploring them all, or some other sort of reward? I'm pretty sure not, but does anyone know better?