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11-20-2012, 02:00 AM
As an avid fddsv user, I've been experimenting and been exploring the weapons options of the dssv and as the dssv has a severe lack of tac (I'm still debating one tac team + spread or two tac teams...due to borg buffs, I'm heading to two TTs)

One thing I've tried is a cannon build - a dbb (to use sub targetting), cannon and cannon/torp fore (if using two TTs, spread if not); two turrets and a tractor mine aft

as the dssv/fdssv has a decent turn (more if boosted by a cheap blue rcs mk 12), the marrower firing arc of the cannon (compared to array) is more viable while also benefitting from more damage while the dbb allows the needed sub target with decent damage and of course if the dbb fires - that means all sci forward abilities can be used (and a dssv can have two sets of tyken and grav well if you really wanted it..albeit a waste)

as I said earlier, I am experimenting - but for good turn sci ships that rarely stay side on long enough to broadside, it seems like a cheap option to all beam arrays (seriously - a mk xi purple tetryon single cannon costs only 20,000 ec (approx) each!)

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