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11-20-2012, 02:08 AM
The bird of prey is hands down the best free ship that the klinks get. In fact the Hegh'ta (level 40 Bird of Prey) is better then most of the ships zen can buy you as well.

Don't get me wrong. The Klingon carriers and cruisers are fun, and have some nice advantages over their federation counterparts, and the Klingon raptors can be set up to have a higher dps then a bird of prey. But while all these ships are fun and effective the BoP is the better choice.

Because of their universal officer slots you are likely to out dps raptors. How? You can not fit more damage buffing abilities or weapons, but you can fit all the DPS you need to take 2nd on the DPS charts with the advantage of enough survival abilities to make up the difference while the raptor captain is waiting to re-spawn.

But carriers can fit big guns and carry smaller ships with more guns to boot! Hold on there, yes carriers can bring a lot of fire power to the fight, but their bridge officer slots limit the kinds of abilities they can take and their lack of agility, coupled with the loose control they have over their pets makes them slow to adapt to changing circumstances. By the time their full fire-power is brought to where it is needed BoP and Raptor captains will often have cleaned up already.

Hold on, but the Mighty Vorcha Retrofit.... No. Just No. The Vorcha retrofit is a fantastic cruser, I love it. But in terms of efficiency the bop is better. Yes in a theoretical situation it will tank better then the bird of prey but you will never encounter a situation in which this is necessary.

The bird of prey has the greater potential to do damage, it has the greater ability to get that damage to where it is needed faster and it has a battle cloak. Like the Vorcha Retro it can take a beating, if not quite so much, and like the Vorcha retro it can dish out the damage (substantially more) but if you do start taking more agro then you are comfortable with the Vorcha will not be able to hit evasive/power to engines and cloak. Once the vorcha is firing it is committed.

So presuming you are now interested in a BoP hear is a solid build for the Hegh'ta. There are many fantastic ones but the bop gives you a lot of freedom so you can go horribly wrong with it if your inexperienced in STO.

Dual Heavy Cannons Forward, Turrets aft. All same Damage type.

Positron deflector. Normal Engines. Resilient shields.

3X Damage type enhancing consoles.
1X Neutronium Alloy Console, 2X Field Emitter Console,
3X Field Generator consoles (or 3X Shield emitter amplifier consoles if on a strict budget)

Tactical Commander: Tactical Team, Tactical Team, Cannon Rapid Fire, Cannon Rapid Fire.

Engineering Lieutenant Commander: Emergency Power to Engines, Emergency Power to Shields, Auxiliary to Structural

Science Lieutenant: Hazard Emitters, Tractor Beam Repulsers

Science Ensign: Polarize Hull

This build gives you everything you need to survive and to do consistent damage. With doffs to shorten the recharge speed of tactical team you could swap the 2nd for an attack pattern beta and do more damage, but this may not be worth the expence to you if your working on a budget.

The 'tractor beam repulsers' could be exchanged for a 'transfer shield strength' if you feel you need more survivability but the repulsers are a fantastic utility ability. Just be carfull how you use them, you can save the day in many scenarios by using them correctly, but using them incorectly (pushing things people are trying to kill out of their range) will get you bitched at... a lot.

Correct usess of tractor beam repulsors include but are not limited to:

Pushing enemies away from things you need to protect, using evasive or power to engines and flying directly at them to push them as far as possible.

Taking out heavy plasma torpedos, mines, fighters or tricobalt devices for you while you sustain your fire upon a primary target.

Adding extra damage against imovable objects like borg cubes and transwarp conduit.

Pushing away destroyed ships who's warp cores are about to go critical.

Pushing back an enemy you have just overtaken to buy you time to turn around and hit their forward shield.

The list goes on... Just be situationaly aware, because when your pushing interfears with some one elses plans for an npc they will shout at you.