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I am having issues understanding how this is all related to acquiring anything I am trying to achieve. I am trying to acquire Borg tech and Omega rep (to achieve Omega marks). How is it all possible? Someone told me it works for Omega rep to do Fleet missions, is this true? What must I do (be as descriptive as possible to get the point across) to achieve Borg tech for my starship?
The wiki article is here:, but I didn't find it so helpful so I'll take a shot and answering you here.

I will assume you know how to open the PvE queue. If not beneath your minimap, right next to the image of three people there is one that is three diagonal arrows. That's the one. Or you can hotkey "j" and then select "PvE queue".

Now you have a list of all the available PvE missions. You can sort them by reward, there are a few options:
1. Dilithium/gear (you want to ignore this)
2. Fleet marks (you want to ignore this)
3. Romulan marks (you want to ignore this)
4. Omega marks (bingo)

Now, there are space and ground. If you are joining a random group and not playing with friends, you want to pretend the ground missions don't exist and only do space. To get a feel for the missions start with normal difficulty and not the elite ones. Your top three are Infected, The Cure, and Khitomer. One other exists called The Hive Onslaught, but it has a moderately high fail rate so you will want to avoid it.

Do read the wiki to get an idea of what happens in each of these missions. When you win you will get a number of omega marks and might get other items like a borg neural processor if you did elite difficulty.

Once you have 30 or so omega marks, open your character page by using the hotkey "u". There is a new tab called "reputation". By default it always goes to romulan but on the left you can select omega reputation. You have three selectors, two projects and one reward. The reward is greyed out and you can't do anything until you achieve "Tier 1" by completing 4 projects. There are only two and you can only do two at once, so just queue them up. The steps are:
1. click on the first open project slot.
2. in the right box click the button for "select" on the project you want to do, you can scroll up and down to see both/all of them.
3. repeat for your second project slot

Now, click into one of the projects again. You see it is like a fleet project and you have 4 items you need to fill up to finish it. The first is omega marks and you only need 17 fr one and 9 for the other, so fill it up. The second is expertise and you need a couple thousand but I assume you have plenty so fill it up. Now you need some consumables and some commodities. These will cost you energy credits. The full list you need for both of your projects is:
100 shield generators (75ec cheap, 100ec each standard = 10k ec total)
50 industrial energy cells (300ec cheap, 400ec each standard = 20k ec total)
20 Major Regenerators (400ec = 8k ec total)
20 large shield charge (320 ec = 6.4k total)

You can get all of these on DS9 or earth stardock from a consumable vendor or in space from azuria. Don't use the market.

When you fill up all of the bits of the project it starts a timer to finish that takes 40 hours. so you will need 4 days of real time and enough to do all of this twice to open up Tier 1 in the reward system.

At this time the first reward becomes available. Just be VERY careful. There are two options. Once consumes 5 borg neural processors and only gives 1,000 dilithium. You do NOT want to do this by mistake because you cannot undo it or abandon and it is a very costly mistake. Instead you want to do the "omeka task force claim tier 1 reputation" reward. this only costs 10 omega marks, 100 dilithium, and 1,000 experience. it then needs 1 hour to process.

NOW you have access to Mark X borg gear. But each on is a project and you can only run two projects at a time. Also, each one will cost marks, dilithium, experience and a commodity or consumable. The full list is on the wiki here:

but let's say you want the assimilated borg ship set. That will take these projects each one needing 40 hours to finish and you can do 2 at a time for a total of 4 days to get the full set.

Requisition : Assimilated Deflector Dish Mk X
* 450 Omega Marks
* 14,000 Refined dilithium
* 10,000 Expertise
* 30 [Communication Arrays]

Requisition : Assimilated Impulse Engine Mk X
* 450 Omega Marks
* 14,000 Refined dilithium
* 10,000 Expertise
* 8 [Warp Coils]

Requisition : Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array Mk X
* 450 Omega Marks
* 14,000 Refined dilithium
* 10,000 Expertise
* 60 [Shield Generators]

Requisition : Assimilated Universal Console
* 500 Omega Marks
* 15,000 Refined dilithium
* 10,000 Expertise
* 25 [Astrometric Probes]

If you are willing to wait a bit longer and unlock higher tiers you can get the mark XII version instead which most people consider the smart move because the dilithium and omega mark costs are so high so you probably don't want to get the Mark X as a placeholder, doing it twice is just too expensive and not worth it. Or you might decide that you hate the reputation system, get the Mark X and call it done and never go for the mark XII, which I am considering.

The romulan system works basically the same but with romulan marks instead of omega marks and it uses large hypos instead of shield charges.