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11-20-2012, 02:22 AM
Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Many Tac DPS buffs are multiplicative and scale extremely well with the extra damage of a 5th console. That's why a 5 console ship in PvP has an alpha that hits like a truck.

I'd sacrifice an amor or shield console any day of the week. Staying alive isn't that hard. As you said, a dead ship does 0 DPS, and a 5 tac console ship excels at making enemy ships dead,

I'm personally hoping they add the Pach Raptor as a new fleet ship and give it a 5 tac console layout.
Presuming, that is, you can actually APPLY that firepower. KDF has ONE ship with 5 tac consoles, and it handles like a city bus with flat tyres and bad brakes.