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11-20-2012, 02:22 AM
Originally Posted by brish01 View Post
Okay the tech part of me waht to explain why, but its like telling my 60 year folks, why the wifi wont work when the have the router next to a fish tank.

Rubberbangs, DCs, could be a number of things. On one hand it could be a bad switch on your providor side, or it could be something wrong in the ping path.

The fact you failed to provide a timeline of when it happens. IS this due to the isp you have is under peek stress, or are you playing with other things steaming in the background?
I work in the networking field and I am not going to go into huge detail on why I know more then you or why gaming tech support people are paid minimum wage and send out canned emails all day long telling players how to reset routers.

My connection is 20 MBs down and 2 MBs up and when I tell you I only have problems with this game, I mean it. Yeah I could go and give you ping times every 10 minutes for the next week, but it is just a game. Like I told tech support it only happens on this game. I pay for this game and if it keeps happening a refund or charge back will be requested. Simple as that.

The OP asked if other people are having this problem, which they are as you can plainly see posted. I guess they didn't teach you how NOT to troll in your local A+ w/ Networking technical college class. If you don't have the problem no need to post.