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11-20-2012, 02:38 AM
Well, the new 'Hive Space' STF has put a new meaning on this thread to me.

Worst STF experience? ANY instance of Hive Space. The constant one-shot kills. The constant plasma fire spam. The uber-weapons. The stupid respawn timer. The players in the PuG who tell you that you're doing it wrong (and subsequently wind up in respawn limbo themselves). Managing to kill one of the unimatrix 'cigar' ships only get stomped by the second one. Managing to kill both unimatrix 'cigar' ships only to get stomped by the Queen. The WHOLE TEAM being out of action (stuck in respawn).

There is NOTHING I like about that mission.
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Instead of asking the question "Why are players doing this?"

The question being asked is, "How do we stop players from doing this?"

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