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11-20-2012, 02:42 AM
Thanks for sharing Tumerboy.

Can you give some insight as to why the city background changed so dramatically, e.g. going from what would have been buildings behind the wall to nothing (visible). You probably changed tac considering its a 'new' colony etc, but maybe some of those original tall buildings could have remained as metalwork structures in development like some assets of the wall have? Perhaps you took them out completely since we don't have a great vantage point on the ground (for the most part) to even see that much behind the wall to notice any metalframe buildings in any case?

p.s. The one thing I'd add to the map myself, would be taking a leaf from the Salt Mine missions where you evacuate the miners, except in reverse. I'd like to see that amazing Romulan shuttle come in to land, some Romulan settler NPCs spawn from it, get greeted by one of D'tan's lackeys and then walk themselves up to and into the gates of the city. The shuttle takes off, and soon another arrives etc. It would give a greater feeling of activity to the area perhaps.
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