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Originally Posted by tali9999 View Post
You do realize sir that with the OLD SYSTEM, simply running STF was giving you enough EDC to convert into Mk X or even Mk XI Elite gear pretty fast and with NO LUCK even involved?

The ONLY gear that could seem out of reach because of bad luck was the MK XII Elite and THAT IS ALL.

Now even the simple Mk X gear costs a FORTUNE to get and TAKES AGES over that.

Yes, keep defending this new system all you like. You will find out by yourself soon enough... I give you one month of grind and then we will talk again...
Yes, the game handed out gear like candy before, that was a problem. It took people a week or two to completely gear up (minus a stubborn prototype drop or two) and then they lost interest. I would take my captains straight from blue/green Mk X gear right to Purple Mk XII, completely skipping a ton of gear progression. That's not a good design for a f2p game.

I do think the Mk X and XI gear is entirely too expensive and that it shouldn't take up a project slot. You shouldn't have to slow your rep grind down to make gear for yourself. It reminds me of the old learning skills nonsense in Eve. You also shouldn't have to go bankrupt on dilithium for gear your going to turn around and replace a week or two later.

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