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11-20-2012, 03:10 AM
Thanks for all your help and input ive taken a little bit from each really although not being specced into power draining i use that one the least.

Bought myself the plasmonic leach and it works quite well with two flow capacitors and backed up by energy siphon II, ive tried using the power siphons probes along with subsystem targetting and still cant suck the power out of a cube so havnt tried that in pvp as like i say not being specced into that setup probablys isnt going to help me.

I go for torps and DBB arrays for PvP as even with the maneuverability of a flying shed you can tell where the borg are going to line up and they dont really move much.

I switch out to 6 beams arrays for pvp.

Again thanks for your help.