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11-20-2012, 03:10 AM
The idea to boost the progress through the Reputation-System is good, but I wouldn't expect Cryptic/PWE to give it to you for completing the optional. If we get a bonus of any kind, you can expect it to be:
a) a C-Store-Item (real-money needed),
b) a loss-deal (like the fleetmark-bonus) or
c) something that drops from the next lockbox (like the fleetcredit-bonuses).

Nice idea, but the motivation for Cryptic/PWE is to get something out of your wallet.
First one half of the so called Community complains: "Give us instant access to all veteran rewards, for going lifetime.", then the other half of the same Community complains: "I've earned 1000 Day membership, I want a special reward.".
Stop complaining, if it is enough for you, you could have the "Captains Table" for the real veterans, I don't want access to another dead social zone...