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Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
Old long in the tooth here, I've been around since Beta and I can attest to what you just stated. There is nothing new under the sun, Vanity of Vanities, there is nothing new under the sun.

Rep system seems cool, but the delivery is godawful. This is very difficult for folks like me that have been around since STO inception, the changes are too severe for the liking.

For new players this is toy land for them, enjoy - but the novelty wears off after awhile.

A Pointer:

One thing that helps kill the monotony is a strong Fleet presence and their Chat antics - it is even better if the Fleet has vent ot Team Speak - The social aspect of this game is awesome, unfortunately; thats not part of the game but part of the population.
This is why I joined up with SSR when I did (not just to increase the selection of the JB at the time ) but to help everyone who tunes in to my shows get their mind off the grind aspect and have fun relaxing to the tunes whilst running their missions and getting what they need to get done with less frustration; esp doin 12 hours per week soon to be 18 for the holidays.

On the subject of the Rep system, the idea is fine, my only gripe for vets is the dilith cost and the time per major project. 1 day 15 hours is too long, it needs to be 20 hours max ala the daily mission timers since its a per toon and per account system and not a fleet wide system (unless said fleet is just your alts ).
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